Feeling Alive

7 04 2008

Tonight I feel alive. You know what I’m talking about dont you? Those moments when time seems to stand still and you see things with a new Clarity. Somehow you realise that you’re part of something bigger than yourself. Sure you can see the world has problems but somehow they dont seem to matter as much anymore. Your own problems seem to fade away.

I used to feel this way all the time. I played in a band that performed in pubs around the country. Something happened in my stomach when i got off that stage after going nuts for 40 minutes. I felt like there was a connection between myself, the 2 or 3 other guys on stage and the audience. It was like we all fed off each others energy. I could be myself, completely naked and vulnerable, and but still be completely accepted by everyone around me. Times changed and the band broke up. Tragic I know, but these things happen and you move on.

My point is “Have you ever had one of those moments?” I don’t just mean the good ones that you savour, but also the bad ones like someone’s funeral. I remember my grandmother’s funeral. It was a strange feeling, I cried, mum cried, dad cried, we all did. My Grandmother was a great woman who went out of her way to help those in need. Thats why she burned out and had a stroke. She just never stopped helping people. We were all sad and we missed her. But you know the moment i’m talking about. That moment where you all put aside your differences and come together as a family. We’d had the gatherings before but on that day there was a connection between us that you could feel. It was so authentic and honest.

These are the moments when we realise that there is more to life. More than we can explain.
Right now i’ve got so many stories floating around in my head. It’s funny how thinking of one can lead you to another. Life is made up of stories. We are all part of a much bigger story that has been going on since time began.

n my life as a Christian I’ve only recently come to a place where I want, above all else, to be completely honest and sincere in walk. I want to be the person God has called me to be, and I dont want to pretend to be anything I’m not. For too long i’ve seen my faith and spirituality as something at odds with being human. Being Christian meant I had to be super Human. Ironically being human was actually something I was created to be and ultimately God is restoring me (and all of humanity and creation) back to its original state.All of life is spiritual, not just going to Church, or praying, or telling someone about Jesus, or reading the bible.  This may be obvious to you, but to me its been an interesting discovery. For many churches the false rules created to “keep us from sinning” have resulted in sin becomming more rampant. Paul talks about this in Romans. All of what we have is a gift from God, the whole Earth is His. He has given it to us to enjoy because He loves us. Jesus talks about our Father in Heaven giving good gifts to us. If we then dont enjoy the gifts we have been given what do you think that says to God. I used to play in a band that wasnt a Christian band, and even worse we played Hard Rock and Metal. Some people accused me of listening to the devils music, and said I should be playing gospel music. Iits possible for something to be Christian and terrible. Like Rob Bell said “The word Christian is a great noun, but a terrible adjective.” Its a great word to denote a group of people who Believe in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Its a terrible word to describe a form of art, a talent, a business, a restaurant, a fun time, a quiet time, or a friendship. Ok so its not all bad, there is some good out there. But the problem is in how we define these things we do. If you are artistic then throw your whole self into your art. Get brilliant at it. Do it with all your heart. If you’re a business person, then throw yourself into it. Dont try and run it as a Christian business – theres actually no such thing, either you’re in business or not. Once we start with this understanding then we can work and create and do things in liberty. Of course take this with a dose of salt. I’m not advocating Christians opening up Brothels or Occult Book Shops or Pole Dancers. If you think that’s OK then you havent understood what kind of liberty we have. But come on lets be real here.  





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