Reformed Theology – Limited Atonement (Part 4 of 6)

6 06 2008

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are inconsistent in their theology. I don’t doubt their salvation or sincerity of their faith, but I think a lot of people are holding beliefs about the gospel that either do not make sense or contradictory. Often these are the people that get emotionally charged about a particular doctrine, or form their doctrines from experiences that have coloured their worldview.
I’ve felt it for a long time but many times have been unable to pinpoint exactly where someones theology goes awry. I remember listening to sermons about how I was not doing enough to honour my parents, or the reason that I kept sinning was that I kept pushing God off the throne of my life.
The same people who then told me Jesus loves me as I am and accepts me fully. It drove me mad, I couldnt understand how these things could exist together. It was only when I started to study theology that I realised they don’t exist together. In effect much of the theology I had learnt, started from the wrong end. I guess a lot of the preachers I listened to were quite biblically illiterate, preaching motivational rather than expository sermons. More likely the case was they were wrestling with the text in light of their emotions and presuppositions. It is hard to give up something you have believed for so long, especially when that belief has been held irrationally.

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