Life without God

29 07 2008

A few months ago I asked a question, “Does the way I view the world change the way i live?” In other words, are my actions dependent on or a result of my worldview. Some articles and books I read recently gave me a more concrete answer. Without a doubt I answer in the affirmative.

Yesterday I read an article entitled “The absurdity of life without God” on William Lane Craigs website. It was a great article. It posits that people who claim to be atheists, live life with great contradiction and inconsistency. Without God, life is just a cosmic accident, a result of matter + time + chance. Humanity becomes the great cosmic orphan. Absolutely alone in the universe. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell “We must build our lives on the firm foundation of unyielding despair”. The despair of being alone, purposeless, and meaningless in the universe. But people do not live that way. Its absurd. They live as if their lives have meaning, and purpose. Again we see this in the area of objective moral values. If we deny the existence of God, we deny an referent from which we can determine actions to be right and wrong. Morality becomes the product of personal taste and/or social-biological conditioning. In other words, truly subjective.

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Back (…yet still on Sabbatical)

25 07 2008

I’m back and it feels great! My time off from blogging has done me the world of good. But good can be such a relative term these days. Recently I got stung with $2,500 tax bill. It seriously delayed ourplans for the end of the year. But I have to trust that God is Good. What else can I do?

Recently I checked out the top 100 best sellers on the Amazon Christian Bookstore. I was quite surprised. Horrified is a better word. It seems most people think Pop-Psychology books are Christian books. Either that or most Christians are more interested in Psychology than the Bible.
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Blogging Sabatical

2 07 2008

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my blog. Its been a great learning curve. I’m taking a break from posting on this blog and using the opportunity to refine my posts on Reformed Theology. I hope to present both sides of the argument on each post, with some honest objections that I have encountered.

Thank you for the intelligent comments, I look forward to posting some new things as time goes on.

Reformed Theology – Perseverance of the Saints (Part 6 of 6)

2 07 2008

Spurgeon said it best when he said “There is no gospel if we do not preach what is now commonly known as Calvinism”. I wholeheartedly agree with that. If we got it wrong then we’re all without hope. Through my study of these doctrines I’ve seen that they are the clearest explanation of the gospel message to date. I don’t believe them to be setting forward any new doctrines, but rather what shines forth so clearly from scripture.

I’d just like to give a few quotes about this doctrine which should help define it a little better.

The perseverance of the saints means that all those who are truly born again will be kept by God’s power and will persevere as Christians until the end of their lives, and that only those who persevere until the end have been truly born again.
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