When Theology becomes Doxology

29 08 2008

Music has always been my passion and ever since I can remember I’ve been involved in the worship team at every church I’ve been to (bar one). Lately I’ve been leading the worship once a month at my current Church. My years of experience as a semi professional musician have taught me how to put on a good show and how to act on stage. More importantly it taught me how to engage the audience I’m playing to and how to lead them.

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Keys to the Kingdom

25 08 2008

Have you ever had a bad experience with the Church? Have you ever been hurt, burnt or let down by it? Well I have, and if you’ve read any of my previous posts, particularly “Somethings wrong with this picture” you’ll understand where I’m coming from. There are a lot of people I’ve met who left that particular church. Some suggested the number of people who have left over the years would be equal or greater than the number in that Church. Personally I think that is a very plausible idea.
Recently some people in our homegroup mentioned that they werent really enjoying Church. As much as I understood what they were feeling, I just couldnt bring myself to agree with them. I have been brooding over their words for the past week and I understand why they feel as they do.

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Consistency & The Grace Full Conversation

21 08 2008

Well its been an interesting week. My wife and I both spent a week at home recovering from a nasty flu. While I would normally say that anytime away from work is good time, there are only so many movies you can watch. It got old pretty quickly. I’m still getting over my cough, it creeps up every so often when I’m on the phone with clients. No matter how much medicine I have taken over the past week nothing helped me more than a good sleep. Funny how that works. The most effective measures we have are sometimes the most frustrating. But the week was not a total loss. It has given me a lot of time to think and ponder over some of the issues in my own life. 

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Book Review: Myth of a Christian Nation – Greg Boyd

10 08 2008

A few months back I picked up a copy of Dr Greg Boyds “The Myth of a Christian Nation”. The title grabbed me. A few days earlier I had a discussion with a friend who was quite in favour of New Zealand becoming a “Christian” nation, so I thought it would be helpful. The book was a very short read, and I finished it in a day. But I was quite dissapointed with his treatment of the subject. While it  was always going to be a difficult subject, and I applaud Dr Boyd for his efforts, I was simply not impressed.  Those who would expect a balanced and carefully exegetical view of Christianity and Politics will be dissapointed too. I found Dr Boyd to be very biased towards pacifism and prone to making large unsubstantiated claims.
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Time to face the music

7 08 2008

Lisa: “We’re the MTV generation. We feel neither highs nor lows”
Homer: “Wow! Whats that like?”
Lisa: “Meh”

Today I had coffee with my brother in law. I have a tough time deciding whether he’s an extrovert or introvert. He’s definately quieter than me, but is still very friendly and outgoing. Sometimes its not important to place people into a box. I had a good time and enjoyed the conversation. He works at a stadium, the kind that hosts large rock concerts. So rightly we got onto the topic of music. Those who know me know that I am a passionate musician. However we both realised that allure big bands have is somewhat less than it used to be. 

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The hinge that turns the door

4 08 2008

This morning I had a couple of simple tasks to do.I had to ring the landlord and find out what time the Seminar started tonight. My home group was going to attend a seminar series entitled “Rethinking Heaven and Hell” hosted by Dr. Mark Strom.Mark is someone I greatly respect for his ability to expound scripture. We were all psyched and ready to go, until I called the college to check the time. They informed me that the seminar had been pushed back to September. It certainly took the wind out of my sails, but with a bit of last minute organising we managed to sort out a home group study. I hate getting the facts wrong. It is one of my pet hates.

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