Too much of something…

16 11 2008

Everyone remembers that Spice Girls song with the line “Too much of nothing is bad enough…Too much of something is just as tough.” I know you’re singing it now, come on theres nothing to be ashamed of here! This weekend was one of those “too much of something is just as tough” moments. Two of our close friends got married and we were part of the ceremony. I had to read a poem, and my wife and I did tag team filming for them. It was tough going as the wedding became a twelve hour extravaganza. Our friends, and I say this in the nicest possible way, have a flair for the dramatic.
We had a great time and it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with some friends from other churches that we hadn’t seen in a long time. But the amount of food, and particularly rich food, at a wedding always gets me. How can you turn it down when its so good?

Today I’m struggling to keep my eyes open at my desk and I’ve got a lot of work to do. At 25 I just can’t do the things I did when I was a little younger. I realise it sounds like a bit of a “back in my day” speech but really its true. The other day I was sitting on the couch reading a book while my wife was doing a cross stitch when it dawned on me. We had become our parents. Sometimes there is no escaping the inevitable. In that I came to learn something about predestination and I say that with a bit of tongue in cheek. I made all my choices willingly yet I still turned out just like my Dad. Its funny how that happens. You can’t deny what you are, and where you’ve come from. Somethings are chosen for you even when it appears you’ve chosen them for yourself.




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