2008 The Year that was…

15 12 2008

Its always around this time of year people tend to get a little nostalgic about the year and I’m not about to buck the trend. We all like to take a reflective look at how things panned out. It can help us to feel a little better about things. So this post will probably be my last (who am I kidding?) for the year.
Here are some of highs and lows for me of 2008:


1. Got married – I have loved every minute of being married to my wife. She is my favourite person in the world. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife. Honeymoon in Rarotonga was pretty awesome too.

2. Got a new Job – Not a new one specifically but a new role within the same company. My old job no longer exists and thankfully there was an opening in another department. The Lord has looked after us.

3. Roadtrips – we did one in Early January and made a home movie about it, replete with all the bad humour, shaky camera work and a toy snake for a mascot.

4. Flying down to Wellington – What a great town, and I snatched a good deal on the flights too. On the negative side we spent way too much money 😦

5. Accepted into Laidlaw College to begin study in 2009 – What can I say? Its been a dream of mine to study the word of God at a professional institute for a long time. I’m excited about what the future holds.

6. Joy got into teachers college – I was really proud of my wife for chosing to quit her job and start a new career. Going back to study after full time work is difficult. I’m sure she’ll do just fine 🙂

7. A renewed love of reading – I don’t think I’ve ever read more books than I have in 2008. Particularly theological books. I’ve also dabbled in the classics with books by G.K. Chesterton, Henry James, and Oscar Wilde. I’ve developed a healthy respect for N.T. Wright.


1. Tax bills – totalling around $3,000. OUCH !! A company screw up in April 2007 hit me hard over a year later. Too bad the people who screwed up don’t work for us anymore or they would have felt the sting of Christian anger. (hehe)

2. Rejected by immigration – I guess I could put this one in the high’s box too. We had our hearts set on going overseas for 2 years to work and groove around Europe. However a few paperwork issues meant our applications were declined, and we had to forfeit our $2,000 joint application fees. OUCH !! However given the recent credit crisis and scarcity of jobs in the UK we both felt this was some sharp and serious guidance from the Lord.

3. A close personal friend murdered – a friend whom i’ve known since birth was shot and killed in a robbery. She was 18. Still brings a tear to my to think about it now.

4. My Dad being rushed off to hospital in the middle of Church – he had some pretty severe chest pains and he thought he was gonna have a heart attack. Two days in hospital and he was fine. We had the whole church praying for him. I was playing in the worship band at the time and had to leave mid set.

That was 2008 for me. The year that was. It reminds me of Dickens’ line in Tale of Two cities. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. I’m not going to sit here and theologise about the year. I will say that I am a completely different man than I was at the beggining. Marriage helps you grow in ways you never thought possible. I love the life that my wife and I have together. Its the best life I could ever have hoped for, and best of all its just getting started.  

May the Lord bless you in this Christmas season. May your homes overflow with the Love of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. I will see you again in 2008.




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17 12 2008

I’m glad that this year has been one of blessing for you.
Congrats especially on your first year of marriage, it is an incredible amazing thing, never take for granted what a blessing it is.
Also best of luck on your schooling, hopefully you’ll share how that goes and what you are working through in class on here.
I’ve only been out of Bible College one semester, and I already miss taking all the theology, Greek, and history classes and the interaction you get in that environment. That is one reason I’m quite thankful for the blogging community, it gives me a chance to still interact with people like you who share my passion for these things and don’t zone out when I mention things like Second Temple Judaism.

My year has not actually been one that I will be as eager to remember as you understandably will want to remember yours, but I know the Lord has a plan (even if I don’t see it or understand it) and that someday things will be different one way or another and this year will have contributed to who God wants me to be.

So, here’s to 2008, may God lead us faithfully through the next year, may it be a year of joy of peace for you and yours, and may God’s kingly reign come to bear increasingly on earth as it is in heaven.

… and yes, taxes are a pain. Not sure how it is structured in NZ, but I know for me property taxes are a killer every year. How did that go in the revolution, ‘no taxation without representation’ right? I think I’m taxed a lot more than represented though.

17 12 2008

LOL two things everyone can be sure of eh? Death and Taxes. I really enjoy the interaction of the blogging community and other forums. Its a great way to keep the conversation going. I look forward to starting up again in 2009. Until then keep well brother 🙂

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