6 03 2009

As I endeavour to continue this conversation I must admit a few things are getting in the way. Life is one of them. I’m too tired to blog. This week has been exhausting. Draining is a better word. This week my company announced that it was closing 18 of it’s branches and making those staff redundant. It was quite a shock and kept me awake for a couple of nights. Luckily my job is still quite safe.

Whenever things like this happens there is a lot of stress involved and emotions run high. It’s been a tough job managing a team of people in this environment. It’s easy to get cynical about it too. But for now I’m very grateful to be employed. Work is a gift. I’ve spent a fair amount of time working on my assignments for my New Testament Class. There is nothing like spending a lot of time in the Word. It’s been extremely beneficial. I’ve spent the most time getting into the Gospels. I don’t have any major insights to share at this stage except for Mark 16:1-8 did you ever notice that if this is where the most reliable manuscripts end, the story ends without anyone actually seeing the risen Jesus. The additional verses that follow there seem like another writers trying to smooth out the story, giving it a more round ending. Not sure about the drinking poison part though LOL!! Just wondered why Mark would end there? What is he trying to get us to do?

My interest now lies in reading the Biblical texts. I’ve read so much secondary literature of late. There are a tonne of helpful books out there. I’ve read heaps, but to be honest if you’re not spending time in the word yourself you’re only doing a half job at best. In fact you’re doing yourself a great disservice. Take up and read.

I’ve spent the last 3 sundays leading worship at Church. Getting up at the crack of dawn on a sunday is no fun. But leading a band is awesome. It’s a catch 22 situation. This time of leading has been very good for my music though. I’ve spent a lot more time playing guitar which has often taken a back seat to my reading. 

Being tired sucks. I have to force myself to rest. It feels like such a waste of time. Why rest when I can read, study or play guitar? I’ve got chores to do. Meetings to prepare for, songs to chose for sundays. I know how it feels to be busy and not to want rest. But I so want to rest. I can’t keep this pace up forever. If you’re reading this and trying to cram in as much as you can before you die, take a moment to pause and perhaps even *rest* ! You’ll be much better for it.




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6 03 2009

Grant, sorry things are tough at work, glad to hear your job is secure though, that’s always important but especially today when finding a new job is much harder.

The Mark 16 issue is a pretty interesting one. I think we spent two or three class periods devoted to it in the textual criticism part of my Greek courses.
The manuscript evidence, the content, and the way of writing all speak strongly against the various longer endings. Each NT author has a pretty recognizable style in the way they write Greek and the extension is certainly another writer besides Mark.

Though some (Bauckham for example if I remember correctly) think there was more but it got lost early so people added on, I think it is actually a very well done literary tactic to end the book with, leaving the tension and the questions. It is unfortunate but too often we act like the NT authors were robot scribes instead of truly talented and creative writers.

7 03 2009

Mason as usual you are spot on with your comments. I could see the difference in styles even in English. I don’t know if I’ll ever get round to learning greek. May have to enrol in another course. It’s funny that I could get all the way to masters (or PhD level) without knowing a word of Greek LOL !!

I think people are waking up to a new understanding of what the Bible truly is. It’s not a magic book, but the power of the Holy Spirit does work through it. Unfortunatley I think when we’ve tried to bring history into the understanding people have shied away for fear of “losing their faith”. I guess some people are happy with inspired myths? I dunno. My understanding of the Bible has changed enormously in the last 2 years and I’m a reasonably flexible guy. Imagine someone who’s made their life work of look at the bible one way and I think you can start to understand where some of the frustration and dogmatism creeps in.

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