17 05 2009

I have melancholic leanings. Some people call it happily sad. I call it a longing. You see I realised something this morning as I was walking to work from the bus stop. I’ve got a wife, a good job with respect from senior leadership, I’m recording with a band and I’ve got a great overseas holiday coming up later in the year. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. I’ve had lots of friends and times of few. I’ve done well and done poorly at times. I am a saint who sins. Yet I’ve come to one stark realisation.

Nothing I ever do of my own will ever satisfies. I long for something more than I can accomplish. What I want from life is something it cannot give me. The only thing that has ever satisfied me and given any meaning to my life is my saviour Jesus Christ. Everything I’ve had in life is a gift, and I can enjoy it with the proper perspective. But these things are the end, they are not even a means to an end. They are gifts.

My prayer today is that you enjoy your life, because you only get one and that you would come to know my saviour Jesus Christ who is Lord of all the earth. In him is all the wisdom of God.



14 05 2009


Ok so last night I spent some time listening to band from Tennesee called Paramore. They did a song for the movie “Twilight”. Really like their style. They’re a punk/emo band with substance. Good hooks and good lyrics.
Last night I found out some of the members are Christian. Which made me like them more. Glad to see that there are Christian bands out there who are still good musicians writing good songs. Anyways check them out, they have some cool videos on their website, and I really dig their songs.

The Flame of Love – Clark Pinnock

12 05 2009

pinnock My New Testament tutor gave me some great advice. Always read widely even if you’re just reading to better understand why you disagree with some people. This is how I feel about Pinnocks award winning book. He is clearly well researched but I disagree with a number of his conclusions.
This book helped me better understand where I disagree with Him and why. But like it or not, Pinnock is still a brother in the Lord and if he calls Jesus Lord, I will follow Pauls advice to Timothy. Avoid Godless chatter and pointless arguments. They only hurt those who listen.
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Christianity in Crisis – Hank Hanegraaff

11 05 2009

 I tire of books that talk of christianity in peril. Unfortunately with the advent of post modernity these books have come out in force and it saddens me that they are still neccessary. Hanegraaff covers the “Word of Faith” movement otherwise known as the health, wealth and prosperity Gospel.

Having been part of a church that was heavily influenced by this wind of doctrine, it strikes a little close to home. However having been away from those churches for so long gives this book a greater impact.
I was puzzled by some of the downright heretical teachings espoused by those in this “movement”. In fact it some caused me to laugh out loud.
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Wright on Justification – God’s plan Paul’s Vision

1 05 2009

There is a fantastic IVP Author interview with N.T. Wright on his new book “Justification – God’s plan and Paul’s vision”. You can read it here.
Well worth reading. I’m currently reading his “For Everyone” commentary on Acts.