Wright on Justification – God’s plan Paul’s Vision

1 05 2009

There is a fantastic IVP Author interview with N.T. Wright on his new book “Justification – God’s plan and Paul’s vision”. You can read it here.
Well worth reading. I’m currently reading his “For Everyone” commentary on Acts.




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6 05 2009

Gods plan?
Which god?
Whose god?

The god that was used to justify the white mans conquest of Maori “New Zealand”–and the Western imperial conquest project altogether, with all of the slaughters that that inevitably involved.

There are quite literally thousands of names of god, from all times and places, available today just by doing a Google search.
Plus we live in a time when all of the Sacred Texts of the Great Tradition are freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

So again: the “plan” of which god?

Does not this supposed plan have much, and indeed, everything to do with Western history.
Implying of course that ALL of the horrors of this history, were part of “gods plan” too.
Implying of course that the post and counter Reformation religious wars that raged in Europe for decades were part of that plan. After all both side, Catholic and Protestant, subscribed to the same Biblical god).
Implying of course that both world War 1 & 2 were part of the “plan” too, because Europe was still very much a Christian entity. And all of the European protagonists subscribed to the same Biblical God too.

Was a Tsunami that murdered 300,000 human beings part of the “plan” too.

And is the fact that Christian America (the home base of IVP) accounts for 48% of the worlds armaments trade, and is also saturated with the “culture” of guns and violence, part of the “plan” too.

6 05 2009

Ironic that you make a call on objective moral values without acknowledging a referent. If this God doesn’t exist why do you care whether these things happened or not? If God doesn’t exist, and that God was not revealed to us in the person of Jesus you have no basis for your objection to any of these wars, murders or tsunami’s. They all become products of nature, time, chance and matter. Nothing more.

While not denying that some terrible things were done in the name of “god” that by no means eradicates the possiblity that this God exists.

6 05 2009

Yeah… it is that sort of stuff which makes me consider comment moderation, its a rant not a conversation, and its not helpful.

Anyways, Grant thanks for the link.
The “Everyone” commentaries are one aspect of Wright’s work that I’ve not had a lot of exposure to, in part because I know if I buy one I’ll want the whole set. You’ve found them to be pretty solid so far?

6 05 2009

Hey Mason, yeah they’re awesome, I’ve got his one on Mark and Hebrews. Everytime I read them I feel like I’m being “fed” in the word. Like you I plan to get the whole set of them someday. They are just fantastic commentaries with great illustrations for sermons or small groups. I used his 1 Corinthians commentary in my small group a few weeks back.

9 05 2009

Have you had a chance to read “Justification” yet? Mine came this week and I’m about 2/3rds done, excellent read so far.

10 05 2009

Not yet, haven’t got any funds to order it LOL – just waiting for the Library to get it so I can get it out. Is it worth it?

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