17 05 2009

I have melancholic leanings. Some people call it happily sad. I call it a longing. You see I realised something this morning as I was walking to work from the bus stop. I’ve got a wife, a good job with respect from senior leadership, I’m recording with a band and I’ve got a great overseas holiday coming up later in the year. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. I’ve had lots of friends and times of few. I’ve done well and done poorly at times. I am a saint who sins. Yet I’ve come to one stark realisation.

Nothing I ever do of my own will ever satisfies. I long for something more than I can accomplish. What I want from life is something it cannot give me. The only thing that has ever satisfied me and given any meaning to my life is my saviour Jesus Christ. Everything I’ve had in life is a gift, and I can enjoy it with the proper perspective. But these things are the end, they are not even a means to an end. They are gifts.

My prayer today is that you enjoy your life, because you only get one and that you would come to know my saviour Jesus Christ who is Lord of all the earth. In him is all the wisdom of God.




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1 06 2009

“What I want from life is something it cannot give me.”

I can identify far too well with you here Grant.

While I’m usually rather upbeat and easy-going, I also frequently have an underlying discontent with the world around me, this feeling that things are not all that it was said they would be.
As time goes on I think that this is because the brokenness of the world leaves an angst that will not be resolved until the world is set to rights.

1 06 2009

Mason you and I are not that dissimilar. I too am normally very upbeat, unfortunately the pressures of life and the brokeness of this world sometimes get me down. I have come to accept that nothing in this world will satisfy me like Jesus will. I wish I could explain it better than that but over the past few weeks that has become more than just an apologetic aphorism. It’s become a reality in my life. I am so grateful for the life I have. Everything I have is a gift from God. So I chose to engage in the world, to enjoy this good creation and to be a faithful witness to Christ not as a law, but as a response to Grace.

BTW – I should update my currently reading column LOL – I finished those books ages ago….Right now I’m reading Gordon Fee’s “Listening to the Spirit in the Text”. He’s a fantastic author.

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