Gone Baby, Gone.

23 06 2009

gone_baby_gone_posterI watched this movie the other night . For those who haven’t seen it let me give you a brief synopsis.  A mother reports her daughter missing, presumed kidnapped. Her parents turn to a private investigator to aid the police investigation. As the story progresses it turns out the mother is actually a drug addict who was stole money from a drug dealer, and neglected the child in a very bad way. In the end the kidnapping was an elaborate plot by a policeman who had lost a child, and did not want to see this one die because of neglect and involvement in the drug world. The policeman loved, and cared for the girl very deeply. But those who found out the truth found themselves in a rock and hard place. On the one hand the girl was in a good place, and well cared for, away from the drug scene, and potential future problems. But on the other hand, the policeman had broken the law, and stolen this girl from her mother, her rightful and legal guardian.

I would not wish the situation on anyone but it did get me thinking. What would you do in this situation? Would you let the girl stay and live a good life with her new parents, or would you take her back to her mother? Does the greater good make something right? Does the end justify the means?

In the end the girl was taken back to her mother.  But what do you think should have happened?




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