Max Lucado – Fearless

7 09 2009

fearlessIf it was for freedom that Christ came to set us free, then one of the biggest things we need to be freed from is fear. How much time do we lose in life worrying over things that we can’t change? I’ve read two books lately that dealt with fear as the (wrong) motivator for doing things in life. Tim Kellers “The Prodigal God” and Max Lucado’s “Fearless”. Both were a breath of fresh air for me, and a welcome break from the weighty academic tomes I am required to read for my course. The book comes at a timely point in history. People fear for many things – money, popularity, their children, the economy etc. A certain amount of fear is good, but often our fear traps us and leaves us paralysed. Not exactly life and life to the full as Christ promised? While I would shy away from saying that we can rid ourselves from all fear, much of our fear today is unhealthy and dare I say unbiblical?

I have not read anything else by Lucado so I have very little to compare this one to. His writing is more succinct than Yancey, but not as eloquent as Keller (thats a difficult task!). He is very anecdotal, and strikes me as someone I would chat to over my backyard fence, or have over for a BBQ. I enjoyed the book and would reccomend it.




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