24 02 2010

Last night someone in my homegroup said that after being a Christian for a few years they had only just heard the story of Samson. I was taken back by such a comment. The Seminarian in me instantly rose up and I could feel myself judging this poor girl, yet I managed to restrain myself and not say anything mean. I think that is a sign of maturity.
To put myself in her shoes, it must have taken an incredible amount of courage for her to admit that she did not know much about the Bible despite being a Christian for some years now. I know a fair bit about the Bible (well I like to think I do anyways), but sometimes all that knowledge can cause us to become arrogant. Anyone who knows less than us may seem like less of a Christian. I speak from personal experience when I say that our “good works” of learning the Bible can become “bad works” or “works of the law”. They can serve as marks of those who grasp at self justification.

For example, “I know a lot about the Bible so I’m a better Christian than you. You must all bow to my infinite knowledge.”

Or they can act as boundary markers, advance signs that tell who is a faithful Christian and who is not.

For example, “I read my Bible and you don’t, so you can’t be a faithful Christian.”

Whichever view you take, we cannot deny that Grace is the great leveller. No one can claim to be saved by anything other than Grace. If we preach grace but subtly demand performance we undermine our message.  

Maybe it’s time to repent of our “good works” as well as our bad?




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2 03 2010

preach it!

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