Reflections on 5 Years with my current Employer

26 02 2010

When I was in High School I attended several career planning seminars & workshops. The more I attended the more predictable they got. Each one would start with a general gathering of all attendees to listen to a speech prepared by a university proffessor who told us that we would have 5 careers in our lifetimes, and probably not work in a career we studied towards. We would then be bombarded with facts about how the world was changing at such a rapid pace that the things we were to learn in University would be outdated by the time we left. These seminars painted a bleak picture. I guess we could say they were realitics. A University education is no guarantee of success, the world does not owe us anything. But in another sense I’ve come to see that maybe all those bleak pictures were somewhat overstated. I’d like to reflect on what the past 5 years has meant for me working at my current employer (who shall remain nameless)…

1. Work is good and a blessing.

God created human beings to work, to make things, to do things, to manage things, and work the earth. Work is a God given responsibility and blessing. I often wonder what it would be like to win the Lottery and quit my job, but if I’m honest I’d probably get another job in a different field. I don’t think I could stop working at this stage of my life.
As a Christian, To work hard and diligently with a grateful heart is part of reflecting the image of God.

2. Work is hard

Nobody said it was easy. One of the effects of the fall is that work is not as enjoyable as it could be. Work is hard. From the sweat of our brows we toil day and night to get the earth to yield but a fraction of what it should. Sin and Death have worked their way out into every facet of existence, and work is no exception. There have been times when my work life has caused me untold stress, and driven me to my knees in prayer. Often I found the more stress I had at work the more I found myself quietly praying at my desk. But having come out the other side, I can say that God always had a plan and always had me covered in more ways than I can imagine.

3. Good work takes time.

In our culture we want everything now and we certainly don’t like waiting. But doing good work doesn’t happen overnight. Very few people jump into a role and start performing. Good performance is something that is built up over time. The same goes for a career. Over the last 5 years I’ve been with this company I’ve had 6 different jobs. Some of them were straight promotions, others were sideways steps. It’s never been a simple easy road to where I am today, and there have been many detours that I hadn’t envisaged when I started. I nearly gave up a few times. I was tempted to call it quits and move to another company, but I’m glad I stuck it out.




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