Keeping it personal

20 03 2010

Lately I’ve been trying hard to keep life personal. I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to relook at this area of my life. God is a personal God. Nothing about him is impersonal. He became very personal in the person of Jesus Christ, God’s ultimate self revelation. So I have very good reasons for wanting it to keep it personal. The only problem: the world I live in. I’m part of a big corportate company. They’re a huge multinational company, and I somehow I get the feeling I don’t belong. Not in the sense that I wish God would wisk me off to heaven so that I can be rid of work once and for all, however tempting that proposition might be at the present moment. Rather in the sense that I long to see it redeemed and functioning as it should. As crazy as it sounds, I actually want to work. I don’t want to kick out of life and retire at 30. If God has a plan to redeem all of creation, to put all things under Christ’s lordship and to make all things new, can that possibly include my workplace? Right now it’s taking a lot of immagination for me to even believe that. But inspite of all the evidence to the contrary I know that God has a plan.




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