Eschatology and the mundane

6 07 2010

I hate being sick – stuck at home without anyone around, and nothing to do. I’m sure we can all agree that day time TV is certainly the least entertaining form of media there is out there. I would consider reading trashy novels before going back to it! But today I had a thought about Eschatology and just how important it is in our lives. I used to say things like “I’m not interested in that stuff, end times and all, I’m concerned with what we’re here for right now…” Turns out the two are more related than I used to think…

When Jews were shipped off to concentration camps in WWII the quickest way they were killed was not only by starvation, shootings and the like. Many committed suiced because their lives had become purposeless. Charles Colson tells the story of one concentration camp where prisoners were forced to move a pile of dirt from one end of the field to another. They did this everyday. The job had no purpose, and gained nothing for the Germans. Yet those Jews doing the job eventually broke down, and many committed suicide. You see what we believe about the end, the goal, the teleos of life will determine what we do in the present. God has made this world for a purpose, he has made us as individuals and us as his church for a purpose. Everyone has an eschatology – even Atheists – even the German army in the 2nd world war – theirs was one which involved a pure german airian race, blond haired blue eyed people, no jews. That was their future that they worked towards in the present.

What is our eschatology and how does it line up with God’s as revealed in his word? A future where God has brought unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ. Where Jesus Christ is Lord of all. Right now that will look like Jew and Gentile coming together, black and white coming together, male and female working side by side as equals in the kingdom. And it’s all around Jesus – the centrality of Jesus is so important. We are not unified for the sake of unity or because it’s part of our PC culture we just better get on with it. Rather we are all united in Christ – united around him – he is the source and purpose of our unity. If we are united in other things, great, but if Christ is not the centre it is doomed to failure.




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