Chuck Lorre Productions # 51

24 09 2010

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said to my wife that I will google this or that when I get home, only to forget about it completely, sometimes even for months at a time. Anyway, I remember watching an episode of Dharma and Greg (yes I know, I know) on video tape (yes I heard you the first time) and coming across this little beauty of a “vanity card” that flashed up on screen for a second or two. Myself, my brother and my dad all had the same idea. Rewind the tape and freeze frame. I remember my dad making a comment that this Chuck Lorre had something worth saying in this little schpiel of his, so I thought I would track down this memory and post it for the world to see….

I’ve never understood the phrase “God’s will be done.” It certainly wasn’t bandied about while I was growing up on Long Island. Were it not for TV and the movies, I probably would never have heard it at all (prune-faced sodbusters in the Old West seemed to say it a lot). The American psyche of the Fifties and Sixties celebrated our will, not God’s — and we believed our will was limitless. But thankfully, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that my will is anything but limitless. I can will myself to knowledge, but not to wisdom. I can will myself to pleasure, but not to happiness. I can will myself to money, but not to a sense of security. I can will myself to veggies and aerobics, but not to good health. Hell, I can will myself to bed, but not to sleep. All of which leads me to conclude that my deepest desires were never attainable through the exercise of my will. There’s a feeling of relief in that conclusion. And unless God has a Manhattan attitude towards people from Long Island, there’s a small bit of hope.

– Chuck Lorre Productions # 51 – 15 Feb 2000.