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I thought it high time I shared a bit about who i am. My name is Grant Marshall and that lovely woman you see in the pictures is my wife. I’m 24, and currently attend Shore Christian Community Church, in New Zealand. I have been a Christian for about 12 years now, its been an interesting ride.
In terms of theology you could call me Calvinist or Reformed. Not to pay any particular attention to the man John Calvin, but merely the system of theology you set out which shines so clearly from scripture.

I love playing guitar, its a serious passion of mine. The band shot you see there is from a time when I was in a professional band. We had some songs on Radio and a couple of videos on TV. Not really famous though 🙂 hehe.

I love a good laugh and enjoy spending time with people, as well as getting away to spend time reading (another passion of mine). I love meeting new people, and would consider myself an extrevert.

Always up for a good debate, so post any comment you like, no matter how contentious or controversial your question or comment is, I believe the only stupid comment or question is the one you don’t make.

I’m also planning to enrol at BCNZ to do a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology, hopefully working towards my Masters in Theology.


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23 06 2008
hocked by the Fisherman

I am a new member and am just looking for some help with a Bible Study Group I just started several weeks ago at our community Club House. We are a group of about 9 to 12 people. At least 3 of us are Methodists, and at least one has a very sketchy Catholic background. We are studying the gospels. I have provided everyone with a NIV Bible and decided to start with Mark, since he was the lst to write. We have studied together each of the different parables and healing stories, etc. I am outlining them all as we go along pointing out the chapter & verse of each item (for the benefit of cross referencing). We will be finished with Mark tomorrow and I am planning to ask each of the attendees to choose one of the gospels and thoroughly compare it to Mark. My question is: is there a outline of each of the gospels which I could print out and supply them to the group as needed?

Sometime ago in fervent prayer with God regarding our paranoid skitzophrenic daughter, I feld like I heard Him say outloud, ‘gO TO bIBLE STUDY’, so I have gone to Bible Study & church services on a usually every time basis & learned lots of things that have helped me. Especially that God would not punished my daughter for anything I had done. We are a small church and have no Bible Study in the summer , so that is why I feel compelled to make our little group a meaningful experience for everyone.

Can you help me?

23 06 2008

Sure there are some good sites out there. Check out http://www.bible.org that has some great resources on it. You can search bible studies by book – Mark has a lot of Audio sermons you can listen to and prepare a study from each passage from that. I have found that approach quite usefull.


My Church is currently working through Mark as well. The pastor does a weekly sermon on a passage each week. He reccomended that we get “Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright” – Fantastic commentary series. I’d reccomend it for group studies. Its well worth it.

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