This is where I’m at

26 03 2009

Last night my wife was out at a tupperware party. I don’t know why they call them parties, I suppose you could say it was a gathering to get you to buy more stuff. Anyway I had most of the night to myself and spent most of my time reading Romans. It used to be my favourite book of the Bible. I must have read it through at least 50 times when I was a teenager. But lately I’ve spent so much time in the Gospels that I’ve come to appreciate the narratives of Jesus’ life a lot more. Guys like N.T. Wright and Craig Blomberg have given me so many great insights into the Gospels. You need to read their books. But reading Romans last night was a breath of Fresh air.
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Are Spiritual Gifts for Today?

12 03 2009

Who knew that my post “The Pentecostals are not wrong” would case such a stir? There are some strong opinions out there on the subject, and I guess when someone feels strongly one way or the other they feel compelled to defend their view. I understand that fervour as I’m prone to do the same.
Today I thought I would start a series looking at Spiritual gifts and more broadly the work of the Spirit.

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The Cycle Continues

10 03 2009

Two days ago I came home to a warm welcome from my wife. Very quickly she told me that she had some sad news. My first thought was that someone had died.  Why is that always my first thought when it comes to sad news? She quickly reassured me that no one had died. I guess she knows me better than I realise. She got an email from a friend of ours who recently got married. Her and her new husband had had a fight. They fought before they were married, so this came as no surprise. But this time there was a twist.
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Blogthru the NT – Part 2 (Luke)

4 02 2009

I’m going to continue posting some gleanings from my current bible reading programme. I’ve just finished reading Luke. I know that I havent posted on Mark yet. Maybe I will one day, but not today. Luke has very different emphasis to Matthew. While this may reflect the needs of the early church (as form and redaction critics might say) I doubt it is the sole reason for the differences. While I’m not keen to get into a discussion on the synoptic problem, I am aware that Luke was not writing history as a detached observer. Had his own intentions for writing. But this doesn’t mean he has written fiction. Ironically the more affected someone is by the events that have taken place the more they want the truth to be told. We have only to look to the Holocaust survivors to see that (see Blomberg 1997). Luke also needs to be analysed in terms of its other half: the book of Acts. Read the rest of this entry »

Blogthru the NT – Part 1 (Matthew)

28 01 2009

Its been a slow week for blogging. I’m not sure what to write about. There are too many things in my head right I’m not sure I’d be able to put them down into a coherent post. Perhaps recounting where I am at will help. Im studying the New Testament at the moment, going through each book. I’m looking for theological emphases, and distinctions. If I could put it down to a word, I’m soaking myself in the text, and keeping an open mind to see where the Spirit leads. I’ve read the New Testament through many times, late last year I read it in 2 weeks, but nothing beats going through it with a fine tooth comb. I’ll share some brief insights I’ve learned from the Gospels so far.
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Book Review: A Taste of Heaven – R.C. Sproul

6 11 2008

Worship is one of the hardest things to define. We recognise it when we see it, fight over styles of it, read about it, write about, but defining it is really hard. Often our disputes over what does and does not constitute worship are about methodology rather than Scripture or Theology. I picked up a copy of this book, care of Reformation trust, in the hope that it would better help me to understand the true nature of worship. When reccomending books on worship I take a cue from David Hume . If a book on worship doesn’t help you to understand worship better or strengthen your resolve to worship God then “commit it to the flames”.
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The hinge that turns the door

4 08 2008

This morning I had a couple of simple tasks to do.I had to ring the landlord and find out what time the Seminar started tonight. My home group was going to attend a seminar series entitled “Rethinking Heaven and Hell” hosted by Dr. Mark Strom.Mark is someone I greatly respect for his ability to expound scripture. We were all psyched and ready to go, until I called the college to check the time. They informed me that the seminar had been pushed back to September. It certainly took the wind out of my sails, but with a bit of last minute organising we managed to sort out a home group study. I hate getting the facts wrong. It is one of my pet hates.

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