Reclaiming the Church – John Cobb

1 02 2009

Recently I was sent a copy of John Cobb’s book by Trip Fuller of “Transforming Theology Blog” fame. Cobb, a united methodist, shares some of his concerns the growing “sickness” of mainstream and oldline denominational churches. Having read a few books of this nature, (e.g The Courage to be Protestant – David Wells & The myth of a Christian nation – Greg Boyd), I had very low expectations for this book. Read the rest of this entry »


Time to face the music

7 08 2008

Lisa: “We’re the MTV generation. We feel neither highs nor lows”
Homer: “Wow! Whats that like?”
Lisa: “Meh”

Today I had coffee with my brother in law. I have a tough time deciding whether he’s an extrovert or introvert. He’s definately quieter than me, but is still very friendly and outgoing. Sometimes its not important to place people into a box. I had a good time and enjoyed the conversation. He works at a stadium, the kind that hosts large rock concerts. So rightly we got onto the topic of music. Those who know me know that I am a passionate musician. However we both realised that allure big bands have is somewhat less than it used to be. 

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24 04 2008

Every year there are 120,000 books published. Thats around 2300 per day.
There are thousands of radio stations, TV Channels, Movies, and Programmes on offer too. Then theres magazines; the countless array titles that pervade our local convenience stores. Not to mention newspapers. Finally we have the internet. The infinitely sprawling mass of information, opinion, commerce, and porn. Unfortunately for many the gospel has become entangled in all these media forms, and horribly diluted. Two idea dominate society today, one is current and the other a remnant from the enlightenment. They are rationalism and Post Modernism.
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