The hinge that turns the door

4 08 2008

This morning I had a couple of simple tasks to do.I had to ring the landlord and find out what time the Seminar started tonight. My home group was going to attend a seminar series entitled “Rethinking Heaven and Hell” hosted by Dr. Mark Strom.Mark is someone I greatly respect for his ability to expound scripture. We were all psyched and ready to go, until I called the college to check the time. They informed me that the seminar had been pushed back to September. It certainly took the wind out of my sails, but with a bit of last minute organising we managed to sort out a home group study. I hate getting the facts wrong. It is one of my pet hates.

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24 06 2008

Yesterday someone from a forum on another website posted a comment on my post entitled “OBJECTIONS”. They were such good questions that I thought I should answer them in a post for the benefit of everyone. While I have called this post Objections…(continued)  it isnt an objection in the negative sense as you will see from the second question.

Q. “1st, do you make a distinction between our pre-salvation situation as dead in sin and thereby unable to even accept the gift we are freely given without God graciously doing even that in us on the one hand, and “free will” in day to day life on the other hand? In other words, does Calvinist soteriology also require some sort of Christian fatalism/determinalism? If so isnt that very hard to fit into the Biblical narritive?”

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