The Expository Genius of John Calvin – Steven Lawson

21 11 2008

Anyone that writes another biography about the 16th Century reformer better have a good reason to do so. I’ve lost count at how many of them are out there. So when I got a copy of Lawsons latests book I was a little unsure of what to expect. Its a short book weighing in at 139 pages so anyone expecting a full history of Calvin’s life will be dissappointed. It focuses exclusively on style of preaching known as “Expository” preaching, something Calvin did extremely well. Having read a few of Calvins sermons I can vouch for that. Clearly the man had a gift. Lawson is best know for his book “Foundations of Grace” which traces a long line of Godly men who have defended the doctrines of Grace. Read the rest of this entry »


Polaroid World

2 10 2008

I’m tired of everything being so instant and I’m tired of trying to learn theology on the Internet.
Whatever happened to taking the time to read scripture carefully, reading commentaries and listening to the Sermon on Sunday? Today I think too many people (myself included) see the Internet as a mystical gateway. A way to have a surface understanding of just about every theological issue there is out there. The staggering amount of information out there truly does boggle the mind, but it is no substitute for hard work and good old fashioned learning. 
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