This is where I’m at

26 03 2009

Last night my wife was out at a tupperware party. I don’t know why they call them parties, I suppose you could say it was a gathering to get you to buy more stuff. Anyway I had most of the night to myself and spent most of my time reading Romans. It used to be my favourite book of the Bible. I must have read it through at least 50 times when I was a teenager. But lately I’ve spent so much time in the Gospels that I’ve come to appreciate the narratives of Jesus’ life a lot more. Guys like N.T. Wright and Craig Blomberg have given me so many great insights into the Gospels. You need to read their books. But reading Romans last night was a breath of Fresh air.
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A system is what a system does

27 06 2008

For me a lot of stuff changed in 2007. I was sitting in a Church service with my then girlfriend (and now wife) and listening to a guest speaker. This wasn’t my usual church I was just visiting.
The speaker was David Peters. His wife was a quadriplegic, and they toured the country together sharing their experiences and how it had impacted their faith. It was a powerful testimony to everyone who attended. The power I believe came in the fact that they were so open and honest with the struggles they had. They asked the same questions everyone else asked, yet somehow they did not waiver in their faith in God. I was amazed. But there was another element that I had overlooked. David Peters claimed to have a prophetic gift.

In the middle of his sermon he stopped and pointed directly at me (it was a small service of around 100 people) and said something I will never forget. “You will become radicalised for God and it will start with His word” – I was a bit shocked. I had never really been singled out in a service like that.
I’d had prophecies over my life before but nothing like this. The words may seem simple but they have echoed in my mind everytime I pick up the Bible or a theology book.

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