Worship Seminar

30 06 2008

To carry on from my post about worshiping in spirit and in truth, I attended a worship seminar last Saturday. It was hosted by Donna Dinsmore of Regent University in America. The same seminary that has such professors such as J.I. Packer, Gordon Fee and Eugene Peterson.
To be honest I think it was more of a forum than a seminar, either way I enjoyed it immensely.
It made me think really hard about a lot of ways I had been approaching Worship. I’m not doubting my own or other peoples sincerity in worshiping God, but I think sometimes we approach worship in ways that are not helpful for us, nor edifying for the body.

I’ll give you a quick breakdown of what happened on the day. It started off with Donna introducing herself and giving us a quick breakdown of her story. Her first day of leading worship at Chapel in Regent would have been very scary to say the least. Then she asked us to get out our handouts we had been given when we arrived. It was a liturgy, and if you’re anything like me that word has a lot of bad connetations. However I was quickly reassured by Donna that in fact every church has a “liturgy” and that it refers to the way your church does things. (E.g. The order of service, style of music, confessions, call and response etc). We started out by reading a confession, and different bits were read out by different people in the audience. It was not a confession in the sense that we had to confess how bad we had been that week, but rather we confessed things from scripture over our lives. She had written the confession in a way that made it very personal, as if we were the person writing the scripture crying out to God, expressing the Joy of His love, telling others of His Character and so forth.

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